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Weird times call for weird music: Caspa blazes through the mists of unprecedented misinformation and division with his biggest brace of cold hard 140BPM truths in years. Introducing ‘Let’s Get Weird’… And all big things set to follow in its wake.

Six tracks wide and landing just in time for his Secret Stream With Caspa launch on October 31, ‘Let’s Get Weird’ is the debut release on his brand new label Ghost Town, and it marks the start of a whole new chapter for the bass pioneer. Still keeping it dubstep, still keeping it authentic, still swiping you off your feet with his off-the-wall bass designs and tense, stripped-back dynamics, but now giving even less of a f**k about industry formalities or expectations, Caspa has always stuck to his guns… But right now those shooters have been upgraded to straight-up missile launchers.

As always with our intrepid sub soldier, the music fires the strongest shots right from the bottom of the trenches. The clubs might be shut down, but our souls can’t be and it’s going to take a lot more than the current situation to stop us on this movement. Keep your head up. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe and sane and always, always, ALWAYS keep things weird. Expect plenty more weirdness where this came from… And expect it very soon.


Track listing:: Intro & Drops By Crazy D 1. Caspa – Sedated – Dubplate 2. Sleeper – Shudda – Crucial Recordings 3. Wiley – Step 20 (Roklem & Sebalo Remix) – Dubplate 4. Die By The Sword – Exemplary Dub – Dubplate 5. Grawinkel & Busted Fingerz – Reckless – Artikel 6. Kromestar & Ntype… Continue Reading

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