Janset – Bulldozer (Prod. by Noisart)

Produced by Noisart

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Bulldozer with the bars
Yeah I be ripping hearts
Straight from the start
Do you know where you fu*king are
Step into my energy
My energy will fill you up
Never been a mug
I don’t deal with no little cups
I find it hard just to give a fu*k
they can’t handle it, they know I don’tgive it up
I aint like your bredrin or your sister
I don't give f*ck
I don’t know your aunty or your mother but I know it's tough,
Feeling like caged bird
Yeah I want that rage heard
I don't do it like no other
Know there’s power in the word
I ain't speaking in the 1st person or the 3rd
I'm just speaking from my soul I observe it
Use the energy to learn it ahhh ah
Use that energy to burn it ahhh ah

Keep it - 100, yeah continental
For my body and my mind..that's most essential
When Noisart sends me that instrumental
I cant explain what it does to my mental
Know this bodies not mine, I got it on rental
Wouldn’t think that I get so sentimental
And I’m locked in charged up know that I’m ready
Tell mark sorry bro
Yeah keeping it steady
On my jan-set go
Where the signal is heavy
With the frequencies
That I feel in my belly
When the words leave my mouth
And I know that I’m ready
And this bass that we deal with
Know that its heavy...


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