JANSET – Happy Bunny

Janset is back with another soul wrenching song. Happy Bunny is an eerie bass-filled track produced by one of Turkey's best producers 'Noisart' who knows what to do with her dark vocals. Janset wrote this piece about the pain endured by women when they're on their cycles also cleverly twisted to touch on aspects of society as a whole. First of many collab projects from this impeccable duo.

Janset, yepyeni bir şarkıyla geri döndü. Tüyler ürpertici bass riff’lerine sahip “Happy Bunny”, Janset’in karanlık vokallerini nasıl kullanması gerektiğini iyi bilen, Türkiye’nin en iyi prodüktörlerinden “Noisart” imzasını taşıyor. Janset bu şarkıyı, kadınların özel dönemlerinde göğüslemek zorunda kaldığı regl sancısıyla ilgili yazarken, bir yandan da dünyanın son dönemde yaşadığı toplumsal durumlara zeki bir dokunuşla parmak basıyor. Bu kusursuz ikilinin ortak projelerinin ilki olan "Happy Bunny” digital platfomlarda dinleyicisi ile buluşuyor.

Lyrics written + performed by: Janset (@JANSET)
Production/Mix/Master: Noisart (@producedbynoisart)
Artwork by: Noy (@noynedemek)
Vocals recorded by: Dean James Barratt (@deanjamesbarratt) @ the Fire Escape Studios


Comes a time its stops being funny
when your grinding all the time
but your running out of money yeah
when the things that your thinking of start getting gully
cos you can’t make sense of the pain in your stomach
Want that sweet jam bag up all the honey
see that side of me
not a happy bunny
I try to be conscious
pain in my tummy
I can’t leave the house
I don’t care if its sunny
1 week every month you know that I’m suffering
life goes on pause and it feels like its buffering
right now - **** that, yeah I'm on some other things
I don’t take no charity well
I don’t like hospitals
the fam stay mad at me,
I don’t trust doctors,
believe in the galaxy
keeping my sanity - well
stay grounded with gravity - well

Pressure in the dirt- brings out the diamond
all the lessons and the hurt I don’t like em
I load up logic and triton, I’m writing
truth will arrive like thunder
and lighting
knowledge is power
always inviting
someone tell me why there’s demons that I’m fighting
illuminist soul yeah pass it - I'll light it
fire in the womb - do you wanna come vibe with me

Do you wanna come vibe with me x2
do you wanna come try, do you wanna come vibe with me
do you wanna just try
Fire in the womb
and there’s fire in the scene x 3

Life is a playground no it's not fair
everybody searching for suttin’ not there
why do I always do it myself yeah
life is a playground no it's not fair


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