JANSET – 6th Sense


I feel the events
before they happen
everyday is immense
connected to my 6th sense
know what your for and against
they say time is healer
and that pain is a creeper
maybe lime and tequila
just one seater
never ceases to amaze me
we didn’t need either
but we did it anyway
celebrate everyday
life is a wave
I give in to the things that I crave
what is the point of it babe
how many things can we save for the grave

Can you hear my prayers
it took years
and I worked on it
worked on them fears
and you’ll miss it when it disappears
feels like its been a thousand years
even though your smiling
ladders that I’m climbing
everything is timing
ah.. momentum
everything is timing

Once knew this girl, in this messed up world
so happy and confident
couldn’t really tell
what was going on inside her
you couldn’t really tell
well..It was the streets that taught her
knowledge flowing like water
the one that got away
cos you didn’t wanna call her
but shoulda just said it
then again from your eyes I shoulda read it
how can I be a better a daughter?
a better sister, a better reporter
a better rapper, thinker and sorter
not writing these words down is just torture

took me years just to catch on
things that were latched on
let em go
let em go
and I rapped on (maybe x 2)


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