Mungo’s Hi Fi Ft. Cian Finn – Go Lassie

Jacob Miller’s ‘Baby I love you so’ is an iconic reggae hit with pedigree – Augustus Pablo and King Tubby on production with the band cast as Aston Barrett, Carlton Barrett, Robbie Shakespeare and Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith.
Dumbarton Rock seems the appropriate label for this hommage to the riddim by Mungo’s Hi Fi in Pablo’s ‘Rockers’ style. The dub, entitled ‘King Tubby Meets The Rockers Uptown’, was one of the breakthrough roots tracks from the mid 1970s, and is named after his brother’s soundsystem.
The riddim inspired Cian Finn to record his distinctive take on ‘Wild mountain thyme’ when he passed through Glasgow. Personally I was delighted, since I used to sing it to my kids to get them to sleep. He swore it was an Irish song, and I was sure it was Scottish. It turns out we were both right. The original words were penned by Scottish poet Robert Tannahill around 1800 and called ‘The Braes of Balquhither’. This became a folk song which was first recorded by Belfast Irishman, Francis McPeake I in 1948. It has been prolifically recorded since, including versions by Bob Dylan, Rod Stewart, Joan Baez, Mark Knopfler and Ed Sheeran, among many, many others. There is an interesting parallel with the folk and dub traditions that both make allowance for reworking as part of the process.
This is a strictly limited, vinyl only release keeping the soundsystem tradition with vocal on side A and the dub on side B.
Original karaoke.




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