The Cover Mix: Denis Sulta

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Hector Barbour’s alter ego – Denis Sulta – truly changed his life. Not only that, but it’s revitalised the present reception of house music.

Barbour is candidly aware of his roots, and this mix pays tribute to that. It features sound which informs his every day, characterises his past and hopefully, his future. Al Zanders, Brame & Hamo plus some of his own sound catalogue: this mix is a killer.


1. Ryanair ‘Boarding Theme’
2. LKM & KLF ‘What Time Is Love’ (What Is Love 303 SSL mix)
3. Al Zanders ‘Martha’s Revenge’
4. Wally Jump Jr & The Criminal Element ‘Just Can’t Stop (Dancin’)’ (Hifi Sean dub)
5. Atlus ‘De Jam’
6. No-4mat ‘1992’
7. Gimbrère ‘A Thing’
8. Denis Sulta ‘DC Terrified (For All The Right Reasons)’
9. HAAi ‘I Never Cared Too Much For Jungle’
10. Skream ‘HWG’
11. CJ Bolland ‘Camague’ (Lindsay Green, Stephen Kirkwood edit)
12. Brame & Hamo ‘Limewire’
13. Mike Dunn ‘Turn It Up’
14. Unknown Artist (Baba Stiltz) ‘El Baile’
15. 宮本典子 ‘Everything I Have Is Yours’
16. DJ Cammy ‘Celebrate The Summer’
17. Alpha Team ‘Speed Racer'
18. Groundislava ‘Feel The Heat’ (Indecorum remix)
19. Rustie ‘Bad Science VIP’
20. Lula ‘XTC (Take Your Shirts Off)’ (Johnny Vicious mix)


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