2014 Toyota Corolla Goes Dubstep Style

2014 Toyota Corolla Commercial
2014 Toyota Corolla Commercial


If you want to see the impact of Dubstep music on modern culture then check out this commercial for the 2014 Toyota Corolla which goes through the ages using music, dance and fashion to showcase it cars.

Starting off in the 60’s with Edwin Starr “25 Miles” mixed with the Cookie Crew’s sampled version for a modern sound.

Then it’s the 70’s with a Disco classic from Chic “Le Freak” with full on Soul Train style.

The 80’s are covered by Herbie Hancocks “Rockit” with breakdancing, skateboarding and Graffiti.


It’s a quick flash through the 90’s with the Rock sounds of Soundgarden “Rusty Cage”


Then comes the fast forward to the modern era and the big bass of Dubstep which shows the new 2014 Toyota as a fresh look just like this electro dubstep smasher

The track is Shy Kidx - "Orion"

You can download the song here

Connect with this young italian producer on Twitter https://twitter.com/ShyKidxOfficial


So when someone says what’s the song in the new Corolla advert you’ll able to let them know.





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