So we are in the big Dub house now



So we are in the big Dub house now on the main domain finally.

Personally I have been looking forward to the switch for long time after seeing interest from a small blog grow rapidly and climb the site rankings, we could see that there was enough people reading to make the jump to the main site worthwhile.

Bass music, EDM, Dance, Electronica audience has grown in the last few years and we hope to keep promoting interesting music and people. has increased it’s size because we were doing things a little bit differently and found that it has been appreciated. Gradually there will be changes to the site as new features are included but this start is in the right direction.

We are going to build up the same kind of content and more as on the with help from some good vibes Dubster's.

Also starting to pay homage to the original founder of Mr. Jay Dubster by including some more Dub music that was the inspiration for the start of this journey back in 1999. Jay has been helping people out on the internet for a very long time, myself included with my first sites, so it’s fitting to keep the original ethos of the site rolling alongside the fresh new sounds coming from Dubstep and Bass music.

There’s a new shiny forum for site members to post their own music amongst like minded producers and DJ’s. I hope that people use it for good stuff and get positive movements made. This is available only for members, guest can read the posts but can’t add the music or topics. Sign Up Details Here

Contributing writers to the main site are welcome and we have all the latest Author promotions available to maximize your readership. Just send us an email for more information. If you just want to promote your club nights or forthcoming release then the Forum is probably best for that.


Thanks for the good times and here’s to the future.

Keep Pushing The Good Vibes


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