ConkahGood feat. DubSociety – Fortress & Gold [Visual Poem | Official Video 2021]

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Music Produced by ConkahGood & Dub Society

Lyrics and melodies : Younes Belghazi ( CG)

Recorded by : Johannes Kitzka

Mix and master by : Umberto Echo

Video produced by Highlights Production

Vocals : ConkahGood

Backing vocals : Katrin Strunz /Stephan Brecht /Younes Belghazi

Drums and percussions : Johannes Kitzka

Bass Guitar : Carsten Kattinger

Guitars : Paul Bartneck

Keyboards : Benjamin Jahn , Ricardo Brandt

Trombone : Stephan Brecht

Saxophone : Katrin strunz

Trumpet : Luke strange

#ReggaevilleVideoPremiere #MaadSickReggaeville #Reggaeville


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