Sound In Noise – ‘Nights Like These’

Sound In Noise

Sound in Noise unleashes the final part of his debut album, and it encompasses his journey from newly signed artist to a staple of the Ram roster. His ‘Shapes’ project has spanned over multiple chapters and reaching its final verse he delivers four more brand new selections.Yet again showcasing a myriad of flavours, the LP opens with title-track ‘Shapes’ alongside singer Marie and its emotive crescendos. Built around the album's artwork, the central record pulls into its first epic breakdown alongside spiking synth's and Marie's lush vocal tones. It's a stand-out offering from the project, showing Sound in Noise's ability to unleash a dancefloor banger with heart. 

Meanwhile, the rolling bass rhythms of ‘Expert Killa’ sit midway alongside Daniel Levi’s harmonic overtures amongst ‘Nights Like These', as the LP closes on the chaotic club twists of ‘Touch’. The Estonian producer proves his worldwide influence and makes a climatic impact on the Ram Records moniker through his biggest body of work to date – ‘Shapes'. And it's a highly anticipated conclusion. 


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