Producer Dojo Cypher 13 – Timer Beats Only (Visualizer by Zodiak iLLER)

The Timer Beats Only Cypher 13 curated by Trap Jesus is all about working fast. The challenge this time around was to complete a song within 2 hours maximum. All participants video recorded themselves making the songs within the allotted time and the results are nothing short of spectacular. The high quality of these tracks is proof that when you focus and apply my workflow you can make the most of your time in the studio and ultimately increase both the quantity and quality of your output.

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Cypher 13 Timer Beats Only Final Track Listing:

1. 0:00-1:34 "6 Feet Deep" by ill.gates
2. 1:22-2:51 "Rusty's Robot" by Tuseelight
3. 2:44-3:42 “ID” by Mufunka
4. 3:20-4:52 "Ribbit” by Veinz
5. 4:52-5:56 "Vibe So Smooth" by DETØX
6. 5:49-6:40 “Sin City” by Dablorde
7. 6:40-8:30 Neotropolis by Knard Hocks
8. 8:07-9:36 "Gurgle's Creek" by Vaedynn
9. 9:36-11:01 "Don't Worry About it" by UHNK
10. 10:51-11:54 "Fari Youth" by ExDM
11. 11:54-12:25 "Brain Waves" by Wavema
12. 12:25-13:05 "Throw my Hands Up" by Spiderhound
13. 13:05-13:52 "A Hidden Purpose" by Dantian
14. 13:43-14:41 "Bad Trips" by Chryptochronica
15. 14:40-15:14 "Westcliff" by moonsplatta
16. 15:14-16:34 "Surko" by Slowform
17. 16:21-17:37 "Ogallah" by Shadowstar
18. 17:36-18:44 "Time is Nigh" by Trap Jesus


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