DJ SEINFELD Rooftop Set for Rekorderlig Sunset Sessions

Mixmag travelled to Melbourne to power a new rooftop music streaming series with Rekorderlig Cider — Rekorderlig Sunset Sessions.

The two-part series rounds out with a very special, secret guest - Swedish-born artist DJ Seinfeld.

After a successful string of underground releases, the sound of DJ Seinfeld was more definitively established on his debut album, ‘Time Spent Away From U’. Released on Lobster Fury, the full-length skilfully mined melancholy dancefloor hooks from the dissolution of a long-term relationship experienced by Jakobsson, expanding his slow- burn, analogue sound into a journey that was more ambitious both musically and thematically.

The album was selected by Rolling Stone as one of their 20 Best Electronic Albums of 2017 and saw support from peers like Bonobo, Flying Lotus and Four Tet.

DJ Seinfeld’s edition of DJ-KiCKS firmly places him as a potentially timeless voice in the current music scene, as a DJ and selector whose taste and instincts match the versatility of his productions. Providing a colourful postcard of his corner of the electronic music landscape in 2018, the mix expertly threads together largely exclusive cuts from contemporaries like Mor Elian, Roza Terenzi and Project Pablo, with established international artists such as Andras and FaltyDL also making appearances.


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