Mahakala – The Exodus

MAHAKALA01 - Mahakala - The Exodus / Desert Road

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A. The Exodus
B. Desert Road

Om Unit’s ‘Mahakala’ alias goes into full modern Jungle mode.

Two serious breakbeat-lead expeditions, paired with what we reckon might be a world first, in that the Mahakala logo has been hand-branded into the vinyl! Also includes gold handstamped inner.

‘The Exodus’ - A crowd moving Amen tune with edits and atmosphere in equal measure, one for the heads, this one lets loose!

‘Desert Road’ - The soundtrack styled spacious b-side with a similar tone, but reminiscent of the deeper edge of 90’s ’trip hop’. an ideal intro tune for the beats posse!


Who is Mahakala?
According to Shaktisamgama Tantra, the spouse of Kali is extremely frightening. Mahakala has four arms, three eyes and is of the brilliance of 10 million black fires of dissolution, dwells in the midst of eight cremation grounds. He is adorned with eight skulls, seated on five corpses, holds a trident, a drum, a sword and a scythe in his hands. He is adorned with ashes from the cremation ground and surrounded by numbers of loudly shrieking vultures and jackals. Among his side is his consort Kali and they both represent the flow of time. Both Mahakala and Kali/Mahakali represent the ultimate destructive power of Brahmanand they are not bounded by any rules or regulations. They have the power to dissolve even time and space into themselves and exist as Void at the dissolution of the universe. They are responsible for the dissolution of the universe at the end of Kalpa. They are also responsible for annihilating great evils and great daemons when other gods, Devas and even Trimurtis fail to do so. Mahakala and Kali annihilates men, women, children, animals, the world and the entire universe without mercy because they are Kala or Time in the personified form and Time is not bound by anything and Time does not show mercy, nor does it wait for anything or anyone.


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