Korin Complex – No Statement EP (SD012) [FKOF Promo]


FKOF Promo!

Rudebwoy @korincomplex, owner of imprint @bleakwinter, brings his resonating 'No Statement' EP to UK's bass-driven outlet @simply-deep. The combination strikes the right chord, as there are many collaborators involved here: @djvariant, @darkraqqen, @dalekoneofficial and @greysanonymous are all part of this madness. The label and artist are not messing about, so check this one out!

'SD012' is available via all digital vendours from 26/10/2018 onwards, so head over to the buy-link attached to support underground music.

1. Korin Complex - Density
2. Korin Complex & Dalek One - Ancient Contact
3. Korin Complex - Adeptus VIP
4. Korin Complex & DJ Variant - Can't Know It
5. Korin Complex & DJ Variant - Espresso
6. Korin Complex & DJ Variant - Can't Know It (The Greys remix)
7. Korin Complex - Density (Darkraqqen remix)




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