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We've significantly updated KUVO, our free club culture entertainment service, to create a specialised community-based social network for dance music.

Since its launch in 2014, KUVO has provided a web and mobile-based platform for sharing the playlists of club DJs in real time, and assisted with the fair distribution of royalties to electronic music artists all over the world. With the new features in its updated version, KUVO aims to help energise local club communities by matching clubbers and DJs through the power of the music.

DJs can now post their videos and mixes on KUVO and, in turn, use the community-based social network to promote themselves to fans who may be interested in going to their next gig. So, now it's easy to hear performances by your favourite selectors and find out when and where they're next playing live. Use the various new filters and map feature to find parties and events you like the sound of, either in your local area or a city you're planning to visit. The new KUVO provides a one-stop hub for discovering new music.

DJs can also benefit from using KUVO - promoting themselves by sharing their mixes and details of their upcoming performances with local clubbers, their friends, and people who enjoy the genres of music they play.

The easiest way to prepare mixes for sharing on KUVO is to record them via our professional performance software, rekordbox dj (ver 5.2 or later), using the Live Playlist feature that automatically saves playlists with time stamps. This feature is also enabled when using NXS-GW, the network gateway hardware created for KUVO in 2014, which can be installed by nightclubs. The NXS-GW transmits information about the tracks DJs are playing in the venue to performing rights organisations (PROs) to assist with the fair distribution of royalties to artists. Tying in with the Association for Electronic Music's Get Played, Get Paid campaign, this helps to support electronic music artists with no additional costs for venues, DJs or clubbers.

The new version of the KUVO app (iOS ver 3.0) is available for free in the App Store from 13th March 2018.



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