Hebbe – A8X / Addictive Dub (UNITY003) [FKOF Promo]


FKOF Promo!

FKOF fam and friendly Dutch rudebwoy @hebbe-versteegh releases his very first vinyl release on UK's soundsystem-oriented imprint @unitythroughsound - and what a banger of a release it is... The thirds ltd. 10" white-label of the label is everything you need this July. If you love those dub-esque vibes, this plate is yours.

'UNITY003' is set for release on 29/07/2017 and already available to to pre-order via the Unity Through Sound's Bandcamp outlet and all familiar vinyl vendours. Make sure to follow the buy-link attached to bag this beaufifully crafted plate...

A. Hebbe - A8X
B. Hebbe - Addictive Dub

"Returning to the limelight for their third prominent 10” hand-stamped vinyl release, Unity Through Sound delivers once again. Based in the United Kingdom, the recently established imprint has already incited waves of recognition among the bass music scene, as well as receiving regular airplay on the major Bass music radio stations & newly on BBC Radio Bristol."

"Taking the immensely positive reception of the first two records by Headland (NZ) and Chad Dubz (UK) into account, the imprint untether their next mean-spirited sound system oscillations, keeping up the insurmountable magnitude of heat with ease. For ‘UNITY003’ they’re welcoming the heavyweight sounds of Hebbe to their ranks. Based in Rotterdam, Netherlands - the highly talented producer brings two blazing Dubstep shells to the turntable and systems around the world. Having developed his craft while being part of the Version Collective core crew and the acclaimed Subway Music imprint, he’s emerged as a considerable craftsman in the Dubstep scene, gaining well-deserved backing by major figures like N-Type and Rinse.FM airplay."

"Dubbed ‘A8X’, the A-side and its familiar stamp introduce the listener to alluring, reticent reverberations - consciously aligning the minimal sound design for maximum impact. The impressive sub weight transports any and all consciousness within radius to elevated levels of meditation. Permeated with a plethora of vintage-esque delays and reverbs, the deeply satisfying, tape-saturated soundscape is one to behold. If that were not enough, the track ramps up its energy throughout the fierce arrangement, categorically lighting up trembling venues everywhere. For ‘Addictive Dub’ Hebbe serves phasing, percussive foley on a pulsating foundation platter. A psychedelic inclination to sound design presents itself through a colorful display of rhythmic patterns fluidly augmenting the massive sounds before diving back off into spring-reverberated spheres. Given the aspiring label does not issue represses, therefore pre-ordering is highly advised for these two impending dancefloor-shells."

(Press release by @signalfireofficial)




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