1. Adesse Versions 'Pride' **Stems Dub Version** (Numbers)
2. Omar Santis 'Stark Champagne'
3. Minor Sciences 'Closing Acts'
4. Dego & Kaidi 'Backchat For Toprock' (Sound Signature)
5. Max Graef 'Vino Rosetto' (Tartlet Records)
6. Obas Nenor 'Change Got To Come' (Mahogani Music)
7. Percussions 'KHLHI' (Text)
8. Mo Kolours 'Mini Culcha' (Beautiful Swimmers Remix)
9. Nils Frahm 'Burn with Me' (From the Victoria Soundtrack)
10. Sans 2 ' Impartial Perspective' (Bobby Donny)
11. Unknown 'Dream Version' (Loonie Bin)
12. Moodymann ft Charlotte OC 'Hangover' (KDJ)
13. Crooked Man 'Scum' (Crooked Man)
14. Edward 'Open' (Geigling)
15. Jackie House 'Stydive' (HNYTRX)
16. Hardworking Families ***Stems Dub Version***
17. Fleck E.S.C 'What R We Waiting 4' (Electrix Records)
18. Ata Kak 'Bome Nnwom' (Awesome Tapes From Africa)
19. Black Gold Dubplate ***Stems Dub***
20. Electric Wire Hustle 'Look In The Sky' (Seven Davis Jr Remix)
21. Route 8 "Sunshine In Her Eyes' (Lobster Theremin)
22. Budgie 'Budgie's Groove' (Wildheart Recordings)
23. Koova 'Code' (Brokntoys)
24. Tapes 'Pipe Cleaner' (EM Records)
25. Stray 'Without U' (Text)
26. A Rather Dramatic Ending With Stems.


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