Music Inc App – Industry Strategy Game – Dubstep Style

Music inc app
Music inc app

I've been playing this awesome music industry game all morning. It's a lot easier on your phone than life but still lots of fun and it really has that educational element of the business.


Trust me within a few clicks you'll be trying to get your artists to Pop superstardom and worrying how you're going to pay back the bank manager.


Developed by UK Music Org  in conjunction with Aardman Animations and IPO the game hopes to give more information on how musicians make money from their art. If you want to learn more then this is a great game for you.


There’s all sorts of Bands and Artists to manage from your Label HQ and you can use all the modern services that are available for promotion, styling, radio play and even collaborations with established industry figures.


Dubstep gets a look in with a group who look promising.


I would recommend this game to anyone thinking about making a go of Music on a business level or just likes strategy games.

The best part is seeing how much Piracy impacts sales and fans


You can download the FREE app here

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Music Inc App
Music Inc App


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