EDM vs Bass Music – WTF is going on?

Like a lot of people I spend my working day cruising around the internet looking for interesting things to read, listen and watch. I also don’t care where that is coming from as the key word here is Interesting.

One thing that has me scratching my head is this use of the term EDM meaning electronic dance music when referring to dance,club or rave music. It seems that this term has grown massively in North America and now is the established name for that style of music. No longer do people speak of House, Drum & Bass, Trance, Dubstep just EDM.

Over in the UK there seems to be a fascination also with lumping music together under an umbrella term and here the name has emerged as Bass Music but that usually doesn't include Techno based House just Garage, Grime, Drum & Bass and Dubstep.

One of the confusing aspects of bundling music together under easy to use terms is that it takes away from what makes them special in the first place. Trance is not Drum & Bass for instance and would any of those DJ’s or music fans really listen to either of them?

EDM vs Bass Music
EDM vs Bass Music

I wonder is Hip Hop Bass music or EDM?


It’s like people saying they listen to Guitar music.

What the hell does that mean? So you like music only from one type of instrument?

Labelling genres is the other end of this situation with strange terms being banded around to desperately impress on people that this music is new, fresh and different from other music styles. (Example - Proto, Future, Neuro, Harder…) But the reality is the music is different and the fans can be totally different. Not many Drum & Bass fans would sit through a Trance gig and be happy. So why this need to put it all in one basket?

EDM vs Bass Music
EDM vs Bass Music

It’s happened before when the term Club music was over used by certain companies when really it was Cheesy commercial House music and not everything played in a club.


In the UK established artists are using the term to describe their once ground breaking sound and now it’s just Bass Music. I'm not saying they are sell outs but they sure ain't hardcore.


I've met Dubstep artists who are ashamed of commercialism of their music and try to distance themselves from the popular sound with reference to “It’s just music”. Also there’s another breed of people who yearn for the Fatboy Slim style of success and will make any music that makes them popular at the drop of a hat. Keeping any real roots at arms length is the strategy for these types.


The battle between EDM vs Bass Music for me is clearly won by EDM as this term is the most homogeneous and if you are going sell out you might as well go big. Whoever told you that your music is bass music is trying to limit your horizons.


Nowadays I carry a wet fish fish in my back pocket to metaphorically apply to the face of anyone who uses these terms with money on their mind.

EDM vs Bass Music
EDM vs Bass Music


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