10 Of The Best Dubstep Producers Who Aren’t Corporate Suckouts

We all love lists and I don’t do enough on Dubster.

Often I get accused of not supporting the scene from a grass roots level so while I like Caviar and Patron with my Cornflakes sometimes it’s nice to give back to the people who make Dubstep great.


Here’s a list of 10 Dubstep Producers who are not Corporate suckouts



The DMZ co-founder and all round legend of Dubstep has been involved from the earliest days and his style is copied all over the world. Founder of Deep Medi Musik

Alongside Coki , Loefah and Sgt. Pokes these guys changed the world by giving London a real home for this burgeoning scene with their bi-monthly event and groundbreaking record label.




Skrillex is my choice for someone who has done a lot for Dubstep music and no matter what happens in the future it will be his input that brought this music to a whole new audience. My reasons for including one the richest DJ’s in this list are because he made the rules, he didn't approach the corporates, they came to him. The music Skrillex makes became popular, even award winning and the good stuff flowed from there. Say what you want about Skrillex (we have a comment section below) but I think he deserves respect.

With the most played radio show in the history of BBC Radio One Skrillex is one of the best.





With over 27 million views on YouTube Blackmill has a serious fan base but strangely hasn’t had much support from the UK radio and DJ’s. Blackmills music is in the chilled section of the Dubstep supermarket and shows the diversity of this sound.




Not only did Cessman co-produce one of the early Dubstep anthems alongside Kromestar but he has continued making great music is his own style. The MC & producer founded Dubliminal Records and is respected across the Dubwise world.

I salute Cessman and enjoy his music



6Blocc (USA)

One of those producers who makes great tunes no matter what style but his Dubstep has gained 6Blocc a worldwide following for the L.A. Don. Collaborations with Bassnectar, General Levy and many more to his name. 6Blocc is one of the best.



Unsub (NZ)

Unsub is a producer of numerous talents and musical knowledge. She plays various instruments and has attracted a worldwide fanbase of loyal fans. With huge remixes on YouTube and original music Unsub is one to watch for sure.



Reso (UK)

Leading pioneer of the heavyweight sound Reso has been a cutting edge noisemaker. He’s featured on many Dubstep compilations, collaborated with numerous artists and built a solid fanbase.





With some of the deepest tunes in the Dubstep scene Phaeleh is surely one of the hot ones. Having touched fans across the world with his brand of smoothed out Bass and haunting melodies.



Matty G

Well known for serious 808 bass booms Matty G is one of those understated producers whose influence is felt amongst many producers. Classic cuts such as 50,000 Watts cemented Matty G in the history of Dubstep music and he continues to push his weight bass sound across the USA.




Been around for a few years but yet to push through GadManDubs is a producer & MC of high quality and skills. His mastering and studio skills have helped many artists from Grime, Reggae and Hip Hop to polish their craft.



This is by no means a definitive list and it’s the first one I’ve put together for Dubster. Check the artists and support their music. If you have any suggestions for another list of great artists and producers please leave a comment below.

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